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Lighting your wedding reception

Lighting your wedding receptionEven the most beautiful wedding scheme can be ruined by the wrong lighting; especially harsh white or wedding lightingyellow overhead lights. If you are getting married during the day, the lights at your venue might be the last thing you check, but if it’s an overcast day or your reception is carrying on into the evening, you will need to pay attention to the lighting options on offer at your venue.

If you aren’t totally happy with the lights provided, or you just want to add a new dimension to your wedding decorations, here are some popular ideas for lighting your wedding reception.

Modern Lighting Ideas

Coloured mood lighting is currently in vogue, and works especially well for those hiring a modern, minimalist venue decorated with a neutral colour scheme. The idea is to light your whole venue in one colour, and then change the colour to reflect the various stages of the wedding. You could choose warm orange for the drinks reception, calming green for dinner, vibrant red for the cake cutting, and velvety purple

Wedding rose petals

pettRose petals are becoming an increasingly popular wedding decoration, and with roses symbolising love, joy, and beauty, it is hardly surprising that brides want to include them in their weddings. There are plenty of companies that specialise in preserved or freeze dried rose petals that can be used on your big day without losing their colour or shape.

Here are the answers to four of the questions that are commonly asked about wedding rose petals:

What are rose petals used for?

Wedding rose petals have a wide variety of uses, but their main function is a natural alternative to paper confetti. Many venues no longer allow traditional rice or confetti, so brides are choosing rose petals instead, which are completely biodegradable. Petals can be placed in attractive envelopes, bags or cones, and handed out to guests as they arrive at the ceremony.

Another possible use for rose petals is to create a petal strewn aisle for your processional. The rose petals can be arranged in advance of the wedding, or a flower girl can be the first down the aisle

Rustic weddings 101

Rustic weddings are always popular wedding theme choice, especially among couples who want a cool, relaxed vibe on their big day.

Rustic weddings 101

But what is a rustic wedding? We explain below – and show you how pull off a brilliant one!

What is a rustic wedding?

Though the idea of a rustic wedding has been of particular interest over the past few years, the fact is, it’s a timeless wedding theme that has been around for, well, ages. Rustic weddings have a strong country, garden or farm-like influence and they tend to feature lots of natural textures such as bark, and various organic materials and fibres.
Rustic weddings are somewhat casual and are often held in venues such as barns, farms, mountain lodges or ranches. In fact, anywhere that incorporates the great outdoors or the countryside is a perfect fit for a rustic theme.

The décor tends to incorporate lots of natural elements including wood, burlap, wild flowers, fruits and the like. It can be a little bit shabby and using a lot of mismatched elements is not just acceptable,

Wedding Catering Ideas for Every Season

Winter, spring, summer, or fall – there is no season of the year where it isn’t a wonderful time to get married. Along with such a magical moment to commemorate the love of two people is the excitement that is stirred at the thought of the preparations for a majestic and grand celebration, especially with the catering. The catering service, more or less, becomes the whole aesthetic of the wedding and weighs heavily on the theme desired by the couple. With every theme is a unique way to present the chairs, tables, and even food in a wonderful manner fit for an once-in-a-lifetime event.

How about a wedding inspired by the seasons? Winter, spring, summer, and fall contrast each other in such beautiful ways that there are wonderful, unique ideas for each season that can be used to make your wedding simply magical.

Winter weddings

Aesthetic: If you are having a wedding on the most wonderful time of the year, you’d want a theme reminiscent of a winter wonderland or a snow palace, using minimal colors, dominantly white with touches of light blue to elegantly cover chairs and tables. Centerpiece candles and Christmas lights are also great to add sparkle to the theme.


Choosing the Right Wedding Singer, Musicians or Band for your Big Day

The big day when you and your partner are about to tie the knot is looming and you need to prepare so much. Planning for a wedding can be so daunting that many couples hire wedding planners: dedicated personnel to oversee all the bits and pieces you and your partner may overlook. A wedding planner has contacts and is professionally trained not to overlook any small thing necessary to make your big day go smoothly and without a hitch.

One of the things you will need to hire for your wedding reception is a wedding band, a singer or a musician to perform the right tones, the best tempo and the most professional sound for your wedding day. So how do you go about choosing the right wedding band or musicians to make your big day go ahead in style and with a bit of a swing?

Having a wedding band to play on your big day adds excitement, memories and an opportunity for the guests to have a memorable, fun-filled evening. The quality of the band and the style of music they play will be remembered by your guests for years to come.

Valuable Tips for Catering a Summer Wedding

The summer season is fast approaching and that means a lot of weddings are about to take place. Those who are involved in catering know the fact that choosing the menu for summer weddings entails a lot of planning. The food should be able to bring out a festive vibe to brighten up further the atmosphere of the party. Here are some valuable tips you can use to ensure that your catering for a summer wedding will be a huge success!

  1. Choose delicious and light appetizers.

Guests will typically prefer to eat finger foods rather than have a formal dinner during the summer. Provide appetizers that serve as bite-size versions of all-time favorite treats such as mini-sliders, quiches, and parfaits. You can even make the whole meal made out of finger foods and they would not even notice!

  1. Choose drinks that are light, rejuvenating and cold.

The summer season will surely bring about high temperatures which makes cold drinks a good choice for the wedding guests. Choose drinks that have bright colors such as pink lemonade or sangria with wine and fruit. Sparkling soda with lots of ice is also recommended.

  1. Ensure that your dishes are seasonal and full of flavor instead of

Wearing two rings

Many women love the idea of stacking up the bling on their ring finger, and are happy to wear both their wedding ring and engagement ring together, often completing the set with an eternity ring eventually. However, for other brides, particularly those with very active lifestyles, or those that don’t often wear jewellery, juggling two rings can be uncomfortable and frustrating.

Choose ring sets

If you are uncomfortable about the idea of wearing two individual rings on the same finger, have a look for wedding ring sets that come with an engagement ring and a wedding band designed to fit together. They are usually made of the same materials and are designed to complement one another.

Some ring sets are obviously two distinct rings, while others are made to slot together so you are the only one who knows you are wearing two rings. If you have a unique engagement ring made, the jeweller should be able to make a wedding band that fits easily next to it. Whichever, you choose, this option will be more comfortable that two totally different rings.

Move your engagement ring to a different finger

While traditionally the ring finger of your left hand is the site for

Men’s engagement rings

Traditionally it was only the woman that wore a sparkling diamond engagement ring, and the groom-to-be waited until the wedding to sport any significant jewellery. However, in recent years there has been a growing trend for mens engagement rings as a physical symbol of their engagement.

There may be several reasons for this, the main one being that it has generally become more fashionable for men to wear jewellery. It may also be that couples are having longer engagements while they save up for the wedding, and the groom wants something to show that he is engaged during that time.

Engagement Ring Styles for Men

Generally men’s engagement rings are simpler than women’s, and don’t include a high setting. The majority of men choose a plain band, and two tone rings with two different coloured metals are especially fashionable. Engraving the inside of the ring with a romantic message, name, date, or symbol is a popular way to personalise an engagement ring while still keeping the outside simple.

Although plain bands are the most popular choice, there is a growing trend for men to include gem stones, especially diamonds, in their engagement rings. Stones are usually placed in a channel setting, meaning

Showing off your engagement ring

You’ve spent hours staring at the sparkling gem on your ring finger, and now the time has come to let other people take a look. Before you head out to show your engagement ring off to the entire neighbourhood, there are a couple of things you may want to do first. Here are ten top tips on displaying your ring in the best possible way

The golden rule of showing off your ring is never to let anyone see it until the actual proposal has been made. Perhaps you have been to choose the ring together and you know it is sitting in the bedside drawer, but letting friends or relations have a sneaky peek before you are actually engaged says you care more about the ring than the engagement.

Before you start showing off your engagement ring, make sure you get a decent manicure. Something simple such as a French polish is a good choice as it won’t detract from the ring, but classic red nails will actually make a diamond appear more sparkly, so that is a good choice if you prefer something more dramatic.

Invest in some good quality hand cream with a pleasant smell. You will never

How to take the perfect engagement ring selfie

Despite gaining popularity as the 2013 Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year, not everyone’s a fan of the ‘selfie’, but even the haters will appreciate a pout-free self-portrait when your partner puts a ring on it.

Make sure your engagement ring selfie stands out on Instagram and doesn’t fade into the Facebook feed with these tips for taking the perfect post-engagement selfie:


Your ring might be the biggest, whitest, sparkliest diamond known to mankind, but if your nails look like you just finished weeding the garden and your hair looks a mess, it will seriously detract from the overall effect. Give your nails a tidy up; file evenly and splash a coat of polish around for added glam. If they require professional attention, hold off until after the salon. Even if the news breaks, social media will wait for the ring selfie, so make it a statement!


According to the Selfie Brush – yes, such a thing exists – using flash can flatten your features, so it’s best to use natural light. Head outdoors or perch beside an open window and let the sun shine brightly on your brand new rock. *TIP: avoid fluorescent lights at all costs.


Before snapping,

Wedding themes

When you start arranging your wedding, there is so much to consider, and so many options for each aspect of your big day that it can all be a bit overwhelming.  Choosing a theme for your wedding not only makes the day that bit more special, it can also make all those decisions easier for you.

Whether your theme is as simple as a colour scheme, or as detailed as a country or era, you can use it to inspire your outfit, the food you serve, the flowers you choose, the favours you give your guests, and even the location of your wedding.

Here are a few types of wedding themes you might want to choose:

A colour scheme

If you are having an overall colour scheme for your wedding, you will need to decide what it will be fairly early on.  You can use your chosen colours for your invitations, your bridesmaids’ dresses, your flowers and decorations and your wedding favours.  If you don’t have a particular colour in mind you could be inspired by the colour of a favourite flower, or colours relating to the season you are getting married. Check

Wedding chair covers

We’ve all seen that look on our fiance’s face when we’re discussing the wedding budget and we mention wedding chair covers. They’re not totally sure if we’re serious or not, and they can’t possibly understand that an item such as a chair cover will really make a difference to the big day.

Well it’s time for them to realise that wedding chair covers are becoming essential to many wedding receptions for two very important reasons.

  1. They allow you to cover rental chairs that may be in poor condition, may not all match, or may simply not be in keeping with the look you are trying to achieve with your wedding decorations.
  2. They allow you to make your wedding chairs a design feature rather than simply a functional piece of furniture. You can achieve a seamless theme throughout your wedding linen and you can add chair sashes or other colourful touches that co-ordinate with your flowers and table accessories.

Do I need to hire wedding chair covers?

Whether or not you have to hire wedding chair covers depends on the venue you are using, and whether you are using a wedding decorator. If your venue is frequently used for weddings or other

Wedding decorations the latest trends

There are so many options when it comes to wedding decorations that it is often hard to know where to begin. You want your wedding venue to bring a tear to your eye when you arrive, and to really make a statement about your taste and style as a couple

To a certain extent, the possibilities for wedding decorations will be determined by your choice of venue, the number of guests and the space available, and whether you are having a lunchtime or evening wedding.

It may be that you want to employ a wedding decorator who will be able to provide all the decorations you need from the table linen to the centrepieces. On the other hand, you may want to work with the venue on the basic layout and table dressing, and then add personal touches of your own, working with your florist.

However you choose to arrange your wedding decorations, there are a number of trends you should be aware of if you want to keep your reception up to date and contemporary.

What colour schemes are currently in style for wedding decorations?

Whilst the traditional

Wedding colour themes

The colour scheme of your wedding will be one of the earliest decisions you make as it will influence the overall feel of your big day. Bold colours have been a key wedding trend in recent years and making sure you select the right combination is crucial to the overall look of your wedding. Many brides already have a couple of possible wedding colour themes in mind.

Here are a few of the ways to choose your wedding colours:

Check out your wedding venue

If you have a dream wedding venue in mind, the decor might influence your choice of colour. If the venue is decorated in bright strong colours, you might want to choose very simple colours such as white or cream to tone it down, or you may want to pick lighter shades of the venue colours. If, on the other hand, you know you want bold bright wedding colours, you should consider a plain and simple venue such as a pure white marquee.

The style of your venue might also influence the wedding colour scheme. If you have chosen a rural setting with garden views, fresh floral wedding colours would be an obvious choice. If, however, your

Choosing the right wedding decorations

Couples are becoming ever more creative with their wedding decorations in order to create a wedding reception design that is personal, unique and memorable. Before you decide on the type of decorations you would like, you will need to determine a theme or colour scheme for your wedding.

Whether you have a beach wedding, a winter wonderland theme, a vintage style reception, or a pink polka scheme, there are bound to be decorations available to complement your choice.

The extent of your wedding decorations will depend largely on what you can afford. If you are on a tight budget, it might be wise to stick to one type of decoration, such as table centrepieces, and make sure these create an impact, rather than spending money on lots of smaller decorations that might get lost in your venue.

The style of your wedding venue will also influence your decorations. If you are hiring an elaborately decorated room, you should keep your decorations simple, but if you are using a plain marquee or function room, you can afford to go overboard on the decorations.

Here are some of the elements of your wedding to incorporate into your decorative scheme:

  • Wedding flowers
  • Table centrepieces
  • Bomboniere
  • Wedding cake
  • Table

Wedding fireworks

Nothing adds drama to an occasion like a spectacular fireworks display, and including fireworks in your wedding day is becoming increasingly popular. Depending on the time of day and the season that you get married, you could have a firework display at the end of the ceremony, at the beginning of your reception, or as you make your grand departure.

Aren’t wedding fireworks expensive?

Although the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ does ring true, professional wedding firework displays are more affordable than they used to be. There are various factors that will affect the price of your firework display:

The length of the display

The longer the firework display the more expensive it will be. Remember that although guests will enjoy watching a firework display, it will lose its impact after a short time and they will want to return to eating, drinking, dancing or chatting. A display of five to ten minutes will be enough to delight your guests without costing you a fortune. It’s better to have a short, high quality display, than a longer one with fewer simultaneous sequences.

The variety of effects and sequences

The more complex and spectacular the firework display the more expensive

Wedding centrepiece trends

Assuming you are having a sit down wedding breakfast, your guests will spend at least a couple of hours at the table, so why not give them something unusual to look at? Modern table centrepieces have moved on from simple flower arrangements, and are designed to truly reflect the style and tastes of the newly married couple.

Individual wedding cakes

Rather than having a single, multi-tiered wedding cake displayed on its own table, many couples are choosing to have a number of smaller cakes made, and to place one on each table as a centrepiece. The cakes might all be the same, but this trend is usually most effective when the either the colour or the design is varied, and the other element remains the same.

Making a feature of the table number

Creating a decorative 3D table number and standing it in a simple flower arrangement is a very fashionable table centre option. Brides are making table numbers out of a range of materials from twisted wire and beads to painted foam. Making your table numbers clear and easy to read will help guests find their seats as well as looking great.

Choosing quirky containers

While flowers are still the main

Wedding decoration ideas

Everyone knows that they should decorate the dining tables for the wedding reception and that there should be flowers and candles for the ceremony, but how about all those other places your guests will be spending time during your wedding day? There are plenty of wedding decoration ideas for other parts of your venue. –

Make an impression with the entrance

The entrance to your venue will be the first thing your guests see, and it will make a statement about what they can expect from the rest of your wedding. Be big and bold in your entrance decorations. Use some form of lighting, whether that is dramatic flaming torches, romantic hanging lanterns, or cute fairy lights. Use potted plants or trees on either side of the entrance and add some flowers or coloured posters inside the hallway to continue the great impression.

Jazz up the bar

The chances are your guests will spend a fair amount of time in the bar so you will want to make it as attractive as possible. If the space is a little empty try hiring an old fashioned juke box, a photo booth, or any other objects that will provide interest and entertainment,

Wedding theme ideas

You know you want your wedding reception to be truly unique, personal, and memorable, but you just don’t know where to start. You have so many ideas running around your head, but none of them seem to work together. Finding a starting point for your wedding decorations is often all you need to do for all your wedding theme ideas to fall neatly into place.

Your wedding season

The time of year you have chosen for your wedding can have a big impact on your decorations, especially the colour. Spring weddings tend to feature pastel colours and light unstructured flower arrangements, while summer weddings work well with brighter, more tropical colours and a fruity theme. Autumn wedding are a perfect time for rich oranges, yellows and bronzes, as well as velvety fabrics and harvest styles, while winter weddings are a great time for gold, silver, and deep red, and heavier, cosier decorations.

Your wedding venue

Basing your wedding decorations around the style of your venue is guaranteed to create a seamless effect. An outdoor garden wedding requires minimal decoration, but unstructured flower arrangements and rustic objects such as metal watering cans can work a treat. A historic house will require

French themed wedding ideas

A French themed wedding is a popular choice for couples looking to add a touch of classical romance to their big day. French theme wedding French cuisine is superb and adding chic French touches to your wedding outfits will create a stylish effect. –

Marie Antoinette theme

A Marie Antoinette themed wedding is all about luxurious surroundings, sumptuous fabrics, and decadent delicacies. For this theme to work you should look for a light, bright, traditional venue decorated in neutral or pale colours; the theme will be hard to pull off in a dark or overly modern venue. Extras to look out for are elaborate chandeliers, satin drapes, and over the top mouldings.

The colours to aim for with a Marie Antoinette theme are pastel pinks, peaches and blues, along with darker shades such as dusky rose. Vintage gold should also feature strongly in your wedding palette. Make use of a variety of textures including silk, lace, satin, and damask, and use layered table clothes, large feathers, and satin ruffles to create a dramatic impact.

Use food to make to a decorative display, and add decadence with a chocolate or champagne fountain. Your wedding cake should be a towering pastel creation